Worth driver Justin Mann Piloting the 903 Arrow AX9 Worth Supply Kart in the GoPro Motorplex Hoosier Karting Challenge came home 10th in the Briggs Senior Division after a lap one mishap with Dan Koehler's 905 Coyote. Justin was able to complete the race and after several tangle-ups at the front of the pack, was able to squeak out a top 10.

Justin took the green flag starting in 9th and after losing a position to Lee Rackley in turn 1, he passed Kevin Laight in turn 3 to earn his position back.  All was well until the Hoosier Hairpin when Justin was "moved" out of the way by the 10th place kart.  As a result, Just held his line going into the next right hander as 3 karts passed on the outside but was squeezed too tight and there was contact sending both the 925 and 903 around.  Koehler recovered and placed 6th although his day ended in frustration.  

This is Justin's 3 race - Ever - racing anything, so good progress.  

Thanks to my wife, daughters, father, mother, Daniel Moss and his girlfriend, his father, and Craig Bailey for coming out to support my efforts!  Having some HP problems that will need to be addressed soon, so keep your fingers crossed for the Worth Supply 903 Kart!  Getting faster every week!