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Posted by Justin Mann on Monday, November 18, 2013 Under: Vermont Slate

I, Justin Mann, National Accounts Manager for Worth Supply, and Worth Supply Owner, Rob Miller had the wonderful opportunity to spend four days in the "Slate Valley" of Vermont last month.  The mission was to learn as much as we could about the Vermont slate quarrying community, meet dozens of people that we had only know through a phone line, and of course, work to figure out ways to improve our promotional efforts of domestic slate products in the Southeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic.  


Although Worth Supply has only been serving the slate, shake, and tile community  for 5 1/2 years, Rob Miller's efforts in promoting domestic roofing slate began over 15 years ago!  "We could have stayed for 2 weeks and still not have scratched the surface," says Rob, and I couldn't agree more.  This industry, especially after seeing it up close and personal, is other words can better describe it.  The people that are the backbone of the slate industry are what America used to be, and what America still is in the Slate Valley of Vermont.  We met with owners of multi-million dollar corporations that were genuinely thankful that we had taken an interest in their industry.  These were good people, and Worth Supply is dedicated to supporting their efforts however we can.


For those of you who have had the opportunity to visit a slate quarry, you have experienced first-hand the effort, equipment, real estate, muscle, and pure passion it takes to produce and deliver just one roofing square to a job site in North Carolina or wherever you do business.  It has been said that "price is king." It also deserves to be said that "whatever the price is for slate, it is a great deal for what you are getting!"  These men and women are working in harsh environments, working with heavy machinery and explosives; and produce some of the finest, longest lasting roofing materials that are available on the planet.  If you haven't been privileged to visit a slate quarry, believe me when I say that, "Whatever the price is, it is NOT high!" 

Following our trip, we are pleased to say that we have certainly found new ways to promote domestic slate, both in the way the slate is used and by creating a new price point which will allow more homeowners and building owners to enjoy the benefits of natural slate.  


Call us on your next slate project even if you have purchased directly from a quarry in the past. Worth Supply will be able to provide you a domestic slate option at a greater value than you would expect due to our purchasing power and relationships.  Most importantly, partner with a company that is dedicated to working with contractors, builders, homeowners, and architects to provide the best possible option for their projects.  Thanks for your past and future support!


Justin Mann - National Accounts Manager - 704-661-7709


Rob Miller - Owner - 704-957-5556

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