Worth Supply was proud to join Euroshield Rubber Roofing at the GREENBUILD 2014 convention in New Orleans! 




  • Limited lifetime warranty, 50 years non-prorated, transferable to a second owner
  • Hail: class 4 impact rating (best), homeowner insurance discount eligible 
  • Wind: passed 106 MPH wind-driven rain test
  • Maintenance and worry free: will not warp, rot, crack or blister; mold, mildew and insect resistant; extremely hail resistant


  • Lower lifetime cost versus asphalt or premium products
  • Quiet due to the sound dampening nature of rubber
  • Appearance



  • Primarily composed of rubber from recycled tires
  • Approximately 95% recycled content
  • Possesses LEED point attributes
  • Long life span eliminates waste from roof tear-offs

Easy install

  • Wide panels for quick installation (Euro heavy: 36" wide, EuroLite: 40" wide)
  • Use galvanized nails and air nailer
  • Self-aligning panels (both vertical and horizontal) make installation quick, with no need to resnap chalk lines to check alignment
  • 10" (Euro heavy) and 7 5/8" (EuroLite) exposure requires fewer courses
  • Lightweight (Euro heavy weighs 330 lbs/sq, EuroLite weighs ~235 lbs/sq)
  • 1 molded cap design which is flexible to use for all ridges and hips (and rake edge if desired)​