Worth Supply is a Distributor of reclaimed roofing products.  We are not roofers; we simply exist to help our clients with their material needs!

Demolition in Your Future?  Recycle your roof with Worth Supply!!!

We Buy Used Roofing Slate and Clay Tile!!! 

We are always looking to purchase roofing slate and clay tile, on the roof or off of the roof.  We will buy it, sort it, repack it, and prepare it for resale.  We take pride in creating beautiful roofs, and your old roof can be center stage once again!


Call Us at 704-882-9931!!!


 Worth Supply will work with your demolition company to recycle your roof, keep TONS of material out of our landfills, and reuse the material with no harm to the environment..  Clay Tile and Slate are the ultimate green roofing products, as they have life expectancies well over 100 years, are reusable, and and ultimately, recyclable!!!


At Worth Supply, we are always looking for quality reclaimed products from all over the United States.  We buy slate and tile products originating from manufacturers and quarries including Buckingham Slate and B. Mifflin Hood, just to name a few. 

When we think recycling at Worth Supply, we think in a BIG way!  An average house with 60 sq. of reclaimed material on the roof keeps over 60,000 lbs out of our landfills.  With a majority of our products currently coming from the southeast, we are truly keeping the experience GREEN!   Please take a look on the "current offerings" page to see examples of the products that we buy on a regular basis. 

Did you know that some slate and clay tiles have a life expectancy of over 100 years?  For whatever reason it is that you are removing your slate or tile roof, please call Worth Supply so that someone can get another 100 years out of it!!!

When we purchase slate or tile, we inspect it piece by piece before it is available for resale.  We do a ring test on all pieces of slate and disregard all tiles that have imperfections that would jeopardize it's functionality and performance.  We re-pack each piece of product when it hits our yard in custom made pallets to guarantee the product will be handled with minimal breakage. 


 Worth Supply-Reclaimed is your preferred choice for reclaimed slate and reclaimed tile roofing materials by manufacturers including Buckingham Slate, B. Mifflin Hood,  and various Vermont slate quarries.  Worth Supply specializes in helping it's clients identfy slate and tile while providing them them service unsurpassed in the industry.  From complimentary take-offs and mock-ups to job site delivery regionally, we are certainly WORTH looking into!!!