Education is important at Worth Supply!!!  At Worth Supply, we aim to educate our clients first and foremost so that they fully understand their options and fully understand the potential benefit of purchasing a new or reclaimed hard-surfaced roof system.  With the proper underlayments0,fasteners, and flashing's, many of the products that we sell can give your family hundreds of years of beauty and performance!!!



 Worth Supply hosts several Continuing Education Classes throughout the year as part of our commitment to education and best practices!!!

Worth Supply-Reclaimed is your preferred choice for reclaimed slate and reclaimed tile roofing materials by manufacturers including Buckingham Slate, B. Mifflin Hood,  and various Vermont slate quarries.  Worth Supply specializes in helping it's clients identfy slate and tile while providing them them service unsurpassed in the industry.  From complimentary take-offs and mock-ups to job site delivery regionally, we re certainly WORTH looking into!!! 




 Whether you call it used slate or tile, salvaged slate or tile, or reclaimed slate or tile, the outcome is the same......Millions of tons of material kept out of our landfills!!!  By salvaging tile or slate, you are doing your part for sustainability on our planet!!!  Congratulations!!!  Call Worth Supply today to find out more about how you can keep used and disgarded slate or tile out of our landfills!!!